Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They will not force us

Ebony tainted layers to copious to shed,

Rotating round the poises, falling down

Afraid to stand still, cannot breathe

Crashing waves, blinding light, buried underneath

Reaching for phantom spaces, ghosts of the living

All the simplicity gone, dead end roads, rotting roots

Plunging into nothingness, better silent

Unobtainable solid impenetrable

Shhh, it will be alright, a new heart of clay

Molded fired, now hard as stone

An illusion of what one wants to reveal

Propaganda spewed from the lips of a hero

Calm on the exterior but crumbling inside

Reflection is cracked glues not hiding imperfection

Drowning in dirt struggling to be free

Slip the memory on hold it tight

Deep within imagination hands entwined

Brushed against tear drenched lips

Storms deceiving fragments so close

Drift away conceal it all hiding in plan sight

Wear the smile the world wants

So the easy to just become invisible

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