Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ghosts Of You

Ghosts of you .

Haunted by the phantom who holds me .

Making love to me in my dreams

Our hands fit and you hold my wrists

Delivering Sweet and piquant kisses

The silver bands sweep across my face

Cold metal against my burning flesh

My body moving to our rhythm

Keeping our secrets is killing me

Gaze upon who is left behind in the ruins

Sheets wrapped around us but I cannot hold on

Connected, broken a never ending contradiction

Black and white,words buried pledges left me unconvinced

Believing what should just be forgotten .

Flashes of memories safe in your arms drenched bodies

Fooled by what I thought was your telling contact

Kisses filled with love, lust, fade to a indifference

I fall backwards off a cliff your arms no longer outstretched to catch me

There is no way to float back up to you

The safety net of your love is gone I was so wrong.

Is this the image allowed to remain?

We converge and converse under the ebony sky

It is there where I want your honesty to be

This hopeless hallucination comforts me

Have you buried all the images and words?

I won't erase the past they need to remain

My promises unbroken,I release you from yours.

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